Took Kids to Virginia Aquarium

My dad and stepmom came for a visit. My dad put in a new kitchen faucet for us. YAY They spent the night and we got up early the next day and went up to Virginia Beach to the Virginia Aquarium. Let me tell you. I made the mistake of putting a Nemo & Dory … [Read more…]

My Kids…. Holding Hands…. WHUUUT??

Our Special Olympians were invited out to the local summer collegiate league baseball team the Edenton Steamers for a hotdog and to be introduced with the team. So everyone gathered and we took pictures and when we got home I noticed that the entire time my kids were holding hands. Holding hands! What in the … [Read more…]

Our Fancy New Pool

We got a pool.  Spent a whole $30! She loves it and that’s what matters. Putting it on the porch might be a bit redneck, but she can walk to it without worrying about dirt, sandspurs, or worrying with wheelchairs. It’s also easy to plug in a fan to stay cool and keep gnats off … [Read more…]

Katie’s Ballet Recital

Katie got her dance pictures and had her ballet recital. She loves going to dance! A local place that has regular (non-special needs) dance classes signed up with Darby’s Dancers and some of the girls who dance in the regular classes volunteer to work with our special girls, to help them with the movements.   … [Read more…]

Special Olympics 2017

We had our Special Olympics FINALLY after several rain outs. Unfortunately there were so many people standing in the way, we couldn’t really see what Jake was doing, so no video of him, but I love this one of Kait.                  

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. We had an egg hunt for Katie and of course the Easter Bunny left a basket for her. Jake doesn’t care about any of the bother and he doesn’t like candy of any type, so we stopped doing any of it for him.

Tutorial- Sew A Big Kid Onesie

   (If you didn’t know 🙂 Both of my younger children have profound disabilities. They will both always be in diapers and they both have been diaper diggers. Therefore, they both have needed onesies/ bodysuits. There are special needs clothing websites that you can order from (and I do sometimes sell them when I get … [Read more…]

About Us

Once upon a time, a long time ago… A girl met a boy…. And instantly fell…. Over a chair in an effort to get the heck as far away from him as she could. Ahhhh. Perhaps not how most people expect their fairy tales to begin, but alas, this IS real life. And while we’ve … [Read more…]